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Chapter 1

We are thrilled to introduce our new Collection 20/21, Chapter 1. ‘The first 100’ items, specially designed for you!
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The curvy silhouettes of the matt white vases mix beautifully with the crispy white framed brutalism painting and our clean shaped JAX couch elements. Complete the look with a vibrant mix of cushions, a green glass vase and our natural wool retro rug. Are you the chef at home? With our Home Chef ceramics, you will blow everyone’s mind! The high-quality ceramics are made of hotel porcelain – a stronger kind of ceramic – made for professional use. Mix the different designs and colours for a perfect home chef table setting. When it comes to funky colours and finishes, it really is time to shine for our 70’s ceramics. New shapes and designs found their way into this series, to give it that seventies glow. There is much more to collect and much more to mix & match. And many more ways of adding some jaw-dropping attention to your kitchen and cupboard. What memory pops into your head, smelling your favourite scent? Northern Soul, Floral Boudoir, Casa Fruits or Cocktails in Manhattan? Our new scented candles will create your own vibrant style and memory at home. In the end, we always look to highlight an array of styles, as long as they strike a contemporary note and complement your home and your vibe. Be inspired!VOL5081