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Our design philosophy

With our goal 'To brighten up homes' we are driven to bring people a sense of recognition with our collections. We encourage originality in you and dare to push our own boundaries as well. We like to challenge you to take a look at your own interior, right now. How do you define yourself? Do you stay true to yourself? And, more importantly, what is it that you need? We ask ourselves these three questions daily. This allows us to stay critical during the creative process. We are here with the same mission, to create a unique interior for people around the world to feel at home with.

Dutch ‘Down to Earth’ design - Dutch design is known for its innovative and humorous character. Sustainability and the reuse of materials often play an important role. With a fearless attitude we like to push the boundaries when it comes to interior design. We’re not afraid of quirky designs, but are always keen to preserve and improve functionality. Thanks to our down-to-earth mentality.

Unique yet recognizable - Do you ever feel like you've seen something before? Chances are, a design from HKliving will make you relive a memory from the past that you didn't even know existed. Mixing a love of vintage with a need for innovation, we strive to create designs that are an exciting combination of these two aspects. Lovers of a distinctive interior can indulge in HKliving, our goal is to provide everyone with an interior that truly suits you as a person.

Bold & Basic - We understand that an interior should be a mix of good basics and exciting eye catchers. Finding the balance in this is the starting point for our collection. With our bold designs we set a tone, with the basic addition we offer an aesthetic counterpart, what you do with it is entirely up to you!

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