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ultimate retro

Step back in time with our 70s Ceramics Coffee Collection, a vibrant tribute to coffee culture. Each piece in this collection - from the earth-toned mugs and saucers to the whimsical sugar and milk jugs and statement coffee pots - is crafted with a nod to the past, yet with modern craftsmanship that ensures durability.

This collection isn’t just about functionality, it’s about creating moments. Whether you’re serving a strong morning brew or entertaining guests with a café au lait after dinner, these pieces bring a touch of nostalgia and warmth to your table.

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Let your
furniture do the
time traveling

Step into the 1970s era with our latest collection of lamp bases and shades, a trio that packs a punch of nostalgia and bold design. Influenced by the raw concrete forms of Brutalism, the sleek, futuristic lines of Space Age design and the ultra retro vibes of the mid 70s, these lamps are a time capsule of a game-changing decade.

Each shade is designed to be interchangeable across all three bases, allowing for a mix-and-match approach that encourages individual expression. Whether paired with its period-matched base or contrasted with a different era, each combination is a unique blend of style and era-defining aesthetics.

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A nod to the 70s

Indulge in the tactile pleasure of our new collection of fluffy woolen rugs, the ultimate blend of cosiness and retro flair, available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit every space in your home. Drenched in fresh shades of yellow, each rug is a sunny splash of the past, bringing a burst of fun and comfort.


Place a big one in the centre of the room to create a stylish and inviting hub, or let a rectangular one stretch across a landing to tie the area together with a golden thread of serenity.

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An HKliving classic, but in a surprising fresh look. This time made of attractive coloured glass, heat-resistant and perfect for mixing and matching with the existing 70s ceramics.

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Discover our combination of different wall art, some signed by their artist, others developed by our in-house product designers

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We have designed dining tables available in three common sizes. Big enough for you and if needed, even the whole family.

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The first collection, containing only 28 products, went global with sales in 12 countries within the first year. Currently, HKliving is operating in 70 countries worldwide.

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