Inspiration Products About Pressroom Stores

Brand philosophy

Throughout our design process, we adhere to a principle of boundless creativity, refusing to compromise on design excellence. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary because we want to continue to inspire in the dynamic and ever-changing world of interior design.


We aim to create a collection that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Our pieces are versatile, capable of acting as bold centerpieces in vibrant environments or perfect finishes in minimalist homes. We are committed to create timeless designs that remain recognisable and have a distinctive, playful charisma.


Our source of inspiration flows endlessly from the past, providing us with a treasure trove of ideas. We take what we believe resonates with today's interiors and transform it into fearless design. Rooted in the Dutch tradition of sobriety, we avoid convention, preferring to be adaptable and instinctive.


We endlessly scour vintage markets for hidden gems and never leave a wall bare when we're creating our collections. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but our passion for innovation is infectious and drives us to create collections that will once again stand the test of time.

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