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A new series of frisky cushions, as you have come to expect from Doris. The passionate vintage fashion hunter has a radar for quirky prints and unconventional designs. Where most would see an outdated piece of curtain, dress or blouse, she recognises potential. However, while she is typically bold with colour, this time the statement comes from the sophisticated mix of prints, all within a monochrome colour spectrum. An exciting contrast, gained from an endless stream of inspiration she draws from fashion and design. 


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The Doris for HKLIVING range consists of eight versatile decorative cushions for your sofa or chair. The patterns are sourced from carefully found thrifted fabrics, thanks to vintage fashion hunter Doris herself. Finished in a soft fabric and signature logo label, with hand knotted fringes and filled with high-quality micro-fibers for a luxurious feel. 


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