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Collection 22/23

Collection 22/23 is an ode to design in general; artists, fashion designers and architects are the never-ending sources of our inspiration. We appreciate how a design process takes time and patience. Therefore each product is tested for functionality and its added value. We have established products that are well worth the attention on their own, but will also blend into any home.
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Based on your personal taste, you can complement your interior with a design item that will amaze you. Thanks to our endless love for vintage furniture and traveling to different places all over the world, we have managed to bring the mix of urban, space age design and natural elements into an all-inclusive collection. 

Cities are constantly evolving. The rapid changes and mixed cultures will offer an endless stream of inspiration for artists and designers. In Collection 22/23 you will rediscover existing furniture pieces with a new look, as well as completely new HKliving designs. The vivid colours, bold prints and interesting material combinations will show you that an interior really can handle a bit of spice. Back to the old days of the 60s and 70s - when lots of things were first invented. Imagine yourself in a time where you could see the first human landing on the moon! A totally new world (literally) opens up in front of you. This introduced us to more daring furniture that did not lose functionality, but became more durable and got a shiny finish. Anything to bring the feeling of a spaceship into your home.

Let the creative minds of our designers and stylists guide you through our lookbook for even more inspiration.